Benchmarking Study | Measuring Performance of Rural Cariers

While you undoubtedly understand your own business, have you ever wondered how your organization stacks up against similarly-situated industry peers? Perhaps you have asked yourself:

Are we ahead of the curve or lagging behind in our roll-out of certain non-regulated services?

Are we losing access lines at an unusually high rate? Is there a particular service mix that we are currently not offering that could slow this trend?

Are we carrying too much debt on our balance sheet with respect to the size of our organization and our total assets?

Is the cost per mile of our fiber-to-the-home project reasonable? How about the percentage of our residential customers that currently have FTTH service – is it on trend with the industry norm?

Each year, the Telergee Alliance conducts a nationwide benchmarking study that can provide you with answers to those questions and more. This comprehensive financial, performance, and service benchmarking study includes the operating results of more than 200 rural carriers and provides study participants with a “scorecard” that allows them to compare their own results to the aggregated results of similar carriers. To see an example of an individual scorecard that could assist you in measuring your telco’s performance, please visit this page.

To inquire about participating in the benchmarking study, or to purchase a copy of the results, contact one of the Partners in charge of our telecom practice, David Huneycutt and Pepper Younts.