Real Estate

Real Estate AccountingAccounting for real estate transactions, no matter what interest you have in the sale, construction, lease, property management, condo association, or corporate real estate management roles, almost requires that you have an experienced CPA working with you. The tax and accounting rules for any real estate transaction are complex and forever changing.

At Turlington and Company, L.L.P., our experienced professionals manage an entire segment of our business that specializes in keeping current and aware of all of the real estate accounting and tax reporting methodologies. They never stop educating themselves so that our clients can be assured that they are getting the best advice possible.

There are many companies and individuals working on all sides of these high-dollar-value transactions. Whether you are the lessor, lessee, owner, seller, buyer, builder, broker, property manager, landlord or tenant, you will have tax and estate issues to consider. Since all real estate deals involve large investments, profits, income or losses, it makes sense to have a professional on your side to help with financial planning, accounting, and tax reporting.

Even if you are in the real estate business and have years of experience, you are knowledgeable about the marketplace, new home and older home sales statistics and all aspects of construction and property management, the accounting and tax structures require an entirely different skill-set. It is a full-time occupation to keep up with all of the tax changes and accounting regulations.

Since many of the tax and accounting regulations can impact your income, it is imperative to have an experienced CPA who can advise you as to the best structure for each type of transaction in order to create a minimal tax burden.

Our staff consists of specialists in many accounting disciplines, therefore our clients can always avail themselves of consulting services, fraud protection guidance, forecasting and management reporting, auditing, succession planning and all of the basic accounting functions.

Turlington and Company, L.L.P. holds its team members to the highest ethical and legal standards and we want the same philosophy to carry over to our clients’ businesses. We will handle your financial matters with efficiency and discretion and there is always a specialist ready to help guide or advise you in any financial situation.

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